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Cable Tie Mount


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Fasten wiring to metal instantly and permanently

Quickly and permanently fasten cable tie mounts to metal without drilling or any other surface preparation. Just place the TackMount on the tip of a GRIPNAIL pneumatic tool, position and impact directly into the base metal such as steel, aluminum and cast iron. The TackMount is manufactured from a special impact resistance plastic with a pre-inserted hardened steel MetalTack® and are available in black or white and two different sizes to match a variety of applications. No more drilling holes for screws or surface prepping for adhesives.

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tackmount cable tie mount how it works

Why TackMount

tackmount cable tie mount air toolA TackMount forms a quick, permanent, mechanical attachment without the need for any surface preparation. Adhesive fasteners are not always permanent and may require surface cleaning. Screws, bolts and rivets all require a hole in the base material. Creating this hole is time consuming and drill chips may get into electrical connections or mechanical components. A TackMount fastens in a single impact operation.

Material and Corrosion Resistance

TackMount with a standard MetalTack

A standard TackMount is manufactured from a carbon steel MetalTack and are zinc chromate plated. It will pass a minimum 120-hour salt spray test in accordance with ASTM B117. They may be driven into base metals as hard as HRB90.

TackMount with a stainless steel MetalTack
(Available by special order)

A stainless steel MetalTack is manufactured from a 400 series stainless steel and are not plated. They can penetrate base metals as hard as HRB90 as well as many grades of stainless steel.Provides a greater corrosion resistance with a quality aesthetic appearance.

TackMount with a tool steel MetalTack
(Available by special order)

The tool steel MetalTack is manufactured from a special steel alloy that allows them to become harder and tougher than standard fasteners. A tool steel MetalTack can penetrate materials as hard as HRB100. It is also zinc chromate plated for the the same corrosion protection as standard tacks.

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Ordering Information

TackMounts are sold in a variety of quantity packaging options and are available in both black or white plastics and two different sizes to match a variety of applications. Install TackMounts with one of our Flared Tip Drivers (Part# 313, 314) and a Gripnail single impact Air Tool (Part# 211).

Nylon Plastic Component

A TackMount is manufactured forma  general purpose, high impact resistant, nylon resin.

TackMount Measurement Information

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