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Resistance Weld Pin



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Resistance Weld Pin For Lining Ductwork

PowerPoint Weld Pin Small

PowerPoint Weld Pins save time and money because they perform consistently. Each nail is precisely formed to provide optimum weld current and each cap and nail assembly is secured and centered so that pins will feed without jamming, even in older welders. In addition, PowerPoint Weld Pins may be shipped in plastic buckets or reinforced cardboard cartons to eliminate shipping damage. The result is continuous production without the expense of clearing track jams or refastening where other pins fail.

How PowerPoint Weld Pins Work

Composition and MaterialsPowerPoint Weld Pin Bucket

The fastener head, shank and point are manufactured from a special carbon alloy steel. A steel retaining cap is mechanically affixed to the driven end of the fastener.

A PowerPoint Weld Pin permanently attaches insulation to galvanized steel in the fabrication of HVAC duct work and withstands a tensile pull of at least 120 pounds in sheet metal.

Industry Standards

PowerPoint Weld Pins meet or exceed the latest SMACNA (Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors National Association) standards, published in their 2005 HVAC DUCT CONSTRUCTION STANDARDS - METAL AND FLEXIBLE, for low and high velocity ductwork. They are used by leading air-conditioning, sheet metal and mechanical contractors for ductwork in commercial, residential and industrial buildings. 

Product Features

Better Welds - Special carbon alloy steel, a zinc and chromate plating and the sharpest point in the industry, leads to the best weld available. Each underside of the cap is deigned with an extrusion to provide superior stability during installation and keeps the point of the nail perpendicular to the cap with tightest of margins.

The reduction of misfires lowers the unit cost of your production.

Diamond Points - Forged diamond point design creates an extremely sharp point that cleanly pierces the toughest duct liner for the best contact and weld current.

Better Plating - Zinc and chromate dipped, PowerPoint Weld Pins exceed SMACNA corrosion resistance standards and give a more professional appearance. 

PowerPoint Weld Pin chamf & recess

Consistent Feeding - Precisely centered assembly of shanks and caps, along with a smoother finish reduces feeding problems in tracks of automatic equipment. This greatly reducing the downtime during operation.

Retaining Cap - The beveled edge retaining cap is sufficient in size and design to depress the surface of the insulation without tearing or cutting. The cap does not protrude into the air stream, preventing noise or interference with air movement in the duct.

The unique characteristic of the PowerPoint weld pin's noninvasive protruding shank captures and centers the weld pin during automated feeding to ensure consistent loading while the beveled retaining caps also prevent it from shifting off the weld tip when the pin is being set through the insulation. 

Technical DataPowerPinner 7005HS (High Speed - Fixed Head Welder) Pin Spotter

Temperature Range - PowerPoint Weld Pins function properly over normally accepted operating range of temperatures of 32 oF to 250 oF and are not adversely affected at temperatures of 0 oF to 550 oF.

Vibration - PowerPoint Weld Pins will not fatigue or be physically affected by vibrations normally found in high velocity air handling systems.

Environmentally Safe - When used as intended, PowerPoint Weld Pins are non-toxic and safe as defined by current Federal Standards.

Use standard personal protective equipment when applying fasteners at all times.

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Insulated Caps Available

with a dielectric coating on the underside of a galvanized cap to prevent arcing when using foil-faced insulation.

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Automatic welding equipment will feed pins up to 2" long.